Structural Lines provides advanced inspection software, tools and training for the inspection of critical assets.

Structural Lines App

  • Designed by inspectors and designers, for inspectors and asset managers.
  • Performs detailed on-site calculations with minimal inputs
  • Most efficient way to capture, store and visualise your asset condition data.
  • Compatible with all database and GIS systems
  • Powerful campaign definition and management
  • Capture results from NDT equipment for easy reconciliation of results and incorporation into the risk assessment
  • Full risk-based inspection system
  • Incorporate business rules into automatic decision making
  • Produces the most reliable inspection system available
  • Covers all pole material types out-of-the-box
  • Flexible, powerful reporting tools or use your own reporting services

Innerspec Steel Inspection Equipment

  • Mobile and in-line EMAT and Dry-Coupled inspection tools
  • Non-contacts and dry-coupled steel thickness and corrosion detection equipment
  • No gel required
  • Fast and accurate CUPS (corrosion under pipe supports) and air-soil interface inspection
  • Full circumference, full thickness, full length pipe inspection at walking pace
  • The most accurate in-line inspection systems for steel, aluminium and other metal manufacturing
  • High-temperature thickness inspection
  • One device has a wide range of functions due to modular design of the sensors


  • Overhead line inspector training
  • Full system focussed on a full understanding of the process
  • General training that will suit any inspection process
  • Can be tailored to particular inspection systems, but is the most comprehensive training in the industry
  • Proper training help to produce consistent, repeatable, reproducible inspection outcomes and improves the reliability of your data
  • Are your inspectors trained to the same level?
  • We can also provide QA checks for your inspectors

Inspection System Documentation & Review

  • We can provide full development and documentation services for your inspection system
  • We can provide expert review and recommendations for your existing systems
  • Either refine your current system, or easily customise and implement our standard system.
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