Structural Lines Inspection App

  • Market Leading Inspection App Technology
  • Easy to use
  • Quick and cost effective form development
  • Easily customizable or use our out-of-the-box solution
  • Calculates load and capacity on the spot
  • Full visual inspection and risk assessment calculations built in
  • Real-time, feature rich, customizable reporting

Apple (iOS)Android and Windows compatible, use a consistent type, or a range of devices, it doesn’t matter.

Electrical Overhead Line Inspection

The basic functionality of the Structural Lines app is shown in the following:

Inspection & Construction Flow

Other forms can also be added including;

  • Failure / Forensic Investigation
  • Reinforceability/Nailing check
  • Ad-hok inspections
  • Line patrols
  • Vegetation Inspection

The software is easily customised to suit your inspection rules and requirements, or you can simply implement our standard, comprehensive system.

The power of the Structural Lines app is in its on-the-spot load calculation that models the wind at every 15º around the pole. The mix of ease of use and power is unique to the Structural Lines app.

The benefit of this is refinement of ACTUAL likelihood of failure using a serviceability index (SI – capacity divided by load). This is then combined with the likelihood of failure of all the other elements and visual inspection results, along with the consequence of failure inputs to give a detailed risk number for each asset. This allows for the most efficient use of asset maintenance funds.

Determining the SI can help reduce the number of pole requiring replacement/reinforcement by more than 50%, just because it considers the actual load on the pole. For instance, most wood poles in Australia are only loaded to 25-50% of their capacity, so typical inspection criteria that condemns at a loss of section modulus of 50% will condemn poles that still have enough capacity to support the design loads on them (sometimes minimum wall thickness values condemn before this even).

Now that networks are aging and replacement rates are nowhere near the installation rates in the 1950’s to 1970’s, being able to replace pole based on actual risk is very important for public safety and efficiency of maintenance expenditure.

Bridges & Other Assets

The Structural Lines app is ideal for capturing the results of bridge inspections to all of the different state requirements. Any calculations that are required are easily handled by the app.

Bridge Form